Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Fundamentals of SEM program, graduates will be able to:

  • Describe the core concepts related to SEM, including its role and structure on campus.
  • Identify external and internal challenges to SEM at the institutional level.
  • Outline the importance of data-informed decision-making in SEM.
  • Recognize how technology can be used to enhance enrolment management.
  • Articulate the SEM planning framework, process, and planning components.
  • Appreciate how effective collaboration, cooperation, and communication are vital to SEM.
  • Identify the necessary connection between institutional equity practices and SEM.
  • Express how institutional leadership support impacts SEM success.
  • Demonstrate common approaches to engaging faculty in SEM.

Class of 2024

Congratulations to the graduates of the Fundamentals of Strategic Enrolment Management Program, completed in May 2024

Name Organization
Alison Rudko Vancouver Community College
Alyssa Morin Douglas College
Amy Watters Thompson Rivers University
Angela Gallant University of Northern British Columbia
Arielle Whitham University of Alberta
Ben Coulas (he/him) Justice Institute of BC
Brock Campbell University of Northern British Columbia
Cameron Reimer Lethbridge College
Camila Araujo Dos Santos Lethbridge College
Carrie Allinson Lethbridge College
Cindy Boucher NorQuest College
Danny Marques Okanagan College
Debra Pollex Seneca Polytechnic
Denise Hooper Memorial University
Devin Rubadeau Okanagan College
Don Reimer Douglas College
Emma Horsley Douglas College
Erika Goble NorQuest College
Halia Valladares Montemayor Okanagan College
Heather Tobin Memorial University of NFLD
Jacqueline Pohorelic Bow Valley College
Jan Castro Douglas College
Jason Geary Memorial University of Newfoundland
Jelena Bajic NorQuest College
Jenn Goodwin Okanagan College
Jennifer Browne Memorial University
Jennifer Pettalia Algoma University
Jenny Shin Douglas College
Jessica Hanna Douglas College
Jocelyn Manalaysay KPU
Joelle Reynolds Lethbridge College
Jon McCorquindale University of Alberta
Judith Anderson Okanagan College
Julia Halfyard Memorial University of NL
Justin Foster University of Northern BC
Karen Bravo Northern Lights College
Karen Walkley Red Deer Polytechnic
Kristy Wuetherick University of Alberta
Lacey Knoblich Lethbridge College
Laura Havercroft Douglas College
Laura Howe Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology
Lindsay Tiemer Douglas College
Lucas Rigamont Braganca University of Northern British Columbia
Madison Hanson Lethbridge College
Mehgan Cabrera Okanagan College
Melissa Barr Fanshawe College
Melissa Rothwell NorQurest College
Mike Walkey Fairleigh Dickinson University Vancouver
Nicoline Turner UNBC
Rachelle Munchinsky UNBC
Regina Nguyen Douglas College
Ryan McKale NorQuest College
Sarah Wareing Justice Institute of British Columbia
Shrey Aggarwal Northern College
Shuhui Li Douglas College
Stefanie Carter Douglas College
Tea Tankurt University of British Columbia
Teryl Smith Douglas College
Tom Virag Lethbridge College
Tracy Topolnitsky NorQuest College
Vipul Nair Northern College of Arts & Technology
Viraj Bhanushali Loyalist College

Class of 2023

Congratulations to the graduates of the Fundamentals of Strategic Enrolment Management Program, completed in May 2023

Name Organization
Airan Samra Northern College
AJ Conway MacEwan University
Alexis Brown Northern College
Alicia Ouellette (Saar) Northern College
Alison Clark Medicine Hat College
Allie Houghton University of Toronto
Amy Gamble Lethbridge College
Angela Larter Holland College
Angela Liang Vancouver Community College
Annie Fu Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Anthony Norrad MacEwan University
Arwen Fleming Concordia University
Barb Elich University of Regina
Blake Edwards BCIT
Bronwyn Farr University of Calgary
Bryn Hosgood Lethbridge College
Caralee Larmand College of New Caledonia
Catherine McLeod University of Calgary
Celia Quigley Justice Institute of British Columbia
Christina Jupp Northern College
Christy Carrelli College of New Caledonia
Danielle Frenette Northern College
Dan Ramcharran College of New Caledonia
Dan Traynor British Columbia Institute of Technology
David Fischer MacEwan University
Deanna Gonnelly Lethbridge College
Debbie Johnston Durham College
Debbie Little NorQuest College
Diana Kovacic BCIT
Donald Lafrance Concordia University
Douglas Jamieson College of New Caldeonia
Elyse Giddens College of New Caledonia
Erin Meagher Acadia University
Ewa Esquivel NorQuest College
Gaylene Carragher Holland College
Georgi MacInnis Lethbridge College
Geri Lynn Gouglas Mount Royal University
Henry Di NorQuest College
Ignacio Albarracin College of New Caledonia
Irina Doering College of New Caledonia
Jacqueline Waldorf The Michener Institute of Education at UHN
Jacqui Thompson Bow Valley College
Jadine Sherman NorQuest College
Janeen Abdul Justice Institute of British Columbia
Jane Mattson The Michener Institute of Education at UHN - - Toronto, ON
Jaqueline Cunha Ramires Vancouver Community College
Jasmine Loewen Lethbridge College
Jeff Cameron Holland College
Jennifer Lawton Holland College
Jennifer Porter Memorial University
Jen Sugar Carleton University
Joan Glover Justice Institute of BC
Jody Berringer University of Waterloo
Joleen Warmerdam College of New Caledonia
Jo-lene Kehoe Acadia University
Josh Silver Holland College
Judith Crain College of New Caledonia
Judy Robinson NorQuest College
Kari Pasick Stewart University of Waterloo
Kelly Bari Lethbridge College
Ken Van Aalst College of New Caledonia
Kerry Lynn Durnford Aurora College, Yellowknife NT
Kim Gillis Holland College
Kirsten Hearne Okanagan College
Krista Lambie British Columbia Institute of Technology
Kristy Clark Lethbridge College
Landon Heilman Medicine Hat College
Laura Elsaesser University of Regina
Lee Ann McKivor Memorial University of Newfoundland
Lexie Tang British Columbia Institute of Technology
Lezlee Tuthill NorQuest College
Linda Keyes NorQuest College
Lindsay Workman Lethbridge College
Lindsey Zikakis British Columbia Institute of Technology
Lisa Allen NorQuest College
Lisa Middleton Justice Institute of British Columbia
Lisa Slack The Michener Institute of Education at UHN
Marc-Andre Gougeon University of Ottawa
Marlene Phillips NorQuest College
Maroro Zinyemba NorQuest College
Mary DeMarinis Justice Institute of BC
Mary Hendrixson Camosun College
Megan Bradshaw College of New Caledonia
Meghan McLellan The University of Waterloo
Melissa Johnson Lethbridge College
Michael Doughty Medicine Hat College
Michelle Speta University of Calgary
Aaron Minhao Zhang NorQuest College
Morgan Loberg Mount Royal University
Muhammad Rahman College of New Caledonia
Nathalie Walker NorQuest College
Nicole Cross Mount Royal University
Oumar Toure University of Ottawa
Pam McInroy College of New Calendonia
Paula Morales Valente NorQuest College
Paula Nemec Justice Institute of BC
Pauline Nantes Camosun College
Ray Wang BCIT
Reginald Ihekwaba College of New Caledonia
Rei Yang Queen's University
Rhea Johnson University of Waterloo
Robyn McBain Acadia University
Ron Ostepchuk Lethbridge College
Roxanne Preston Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador
Ryan Snowdon Queen's University
Sam Milligan College of New Caledonia
Sandra Price Medicine hat College
Sandy Henderson Medicine Hat College
Scott Clerk Northern Lights College
Seanna Uglem Lethbridge College
Shannon Maass Medicine Hat College
Sheldon Bailey College of New Caledonia
Sophia Mattioli College of New Caledonia
Stephanie Jackson BCIT
Tara Christie University of Calgary
Tara Szerencsi College of New Caledonia
Thierno Bah University of Ottawa
Tracey Carmichael Justice Institute of British Columbia
Trevor Phillips University of Alberta
Valerie Sokolowski College of New Caledonia
Wendy Chambers NorQuest College
Wendy Preikchat University of Regina
Zoi Ypodimatopoulou NorQuest College

Class of 2022

Congratulations to the graduates of the Fundamentals of Strategic Enrolment Management Program, completed in May 2022

Name Organization
Andrew Leopold Humber College
Bob Burge Okanagan College
Carolyn Pratt Loyalist College
Chantel Franklin University of Waterloo
Christin Andrews Southeast College
Colby McLeod University Canada West
Cole Skinner RRC Polytech
Danielle Hoogland North Island College
Denise Hauta University of Saskatchewan
Elke Carlson Ambrose University
Eloise Rolland-Carmichael Loyalist College
Erin Wight MacEwan University
Gilles Mailloux Université du Québec en Outaouais
Grace McRae-Okine Emily Carr University
Heather Jackson College of the Rockies
Inga Wheeler Okanagan College
Jamie Bramburger Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology
Jason Colombo College of the Rockies
Jay Wilson University of Saskatchewan
Jen Duggan University of Toronto
Jennifer Parker Loyalist College
Jennifer Smith Humber College
Jody Holzmiller Southeast College
Jordan Epp University of Saskatchewan
Judy Jia University of Toronto
Judy Tavares Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
Kathryn Snow Vancouver Island University
Laura Hahn-Ladipo Ambrose University
Lisa Pender University of Victoria
Lori Falvo Humber College
Lyndsay Lambert Red River College Polytechnic
Mandy Robinson Red River College Polytechnic
Melissa Jean Brescia University College
Morgan Westcott BCIT
Nancy Czemmel McGill University
Natalie St. Pierre Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
Paul Wilton King's at Western University
Pirita Mattola University of Saskatchewan
Robin Hicks College of the Rockies
Sera Bocian Southeast College
Shaun Longstreet College of the Rockies
Shawn Lapierre Red River College Polytechnic
Sheena Onrait Southeast College
Stacey Thorarinson Red River College
Tanya Napper University of Saskatchewan
Tessa Stark Selkirk College
Yvonne Moritz Okanagan College